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Natural healing. Compassionate care. 

As a Chinese medicine clinic and pharmacy, our mission is to provide our patients with all natural healthcare as a primary, complementary, or preventative form of medicine.

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Information provided and written on this site is trusted to be accurate and reliable according to available sources, but not guaranteed. As contained in this site, the use of the terms Chinese medicine, Oriental medicine, or Eastern medicine are all in reference to the practice of traditional Chinese medicine as defined by NCCAOM and the World Health Organization. The use of the terms Western medicine or modern medicine is defined as the branch of medicine offered and practiced in standard U.S. hospitals and clinics. Elements Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, LLC (EACM) is not affiliated with any group, hospital, or medical organization. All licensed practitioners are properly trained in standard medical safety and ethics, and can recognize when it may be appropriate to consult with or seek the advice of other healthcare professionals. Although we are able to serve your primary care needs, we are unable to offer recommendations or prescriptions relating to Western medicine. In the case of an immediate medical emergency, EACM and it's partners suggest patients seek urgent care or dial for emergency assistance.

At Elements Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, LLC (EACM), your privacy and protection of your personal information is very important to us. The information you provide to us before, during, or after your visits with us is used only with the intent to provide you with the necessary care and treatment our providers set forth to deliver. We maintain electronic health records for our patients in compliance with the standards established by HIPAA. 

By providing us with your name(s), addresses, phone numbers, or email addresses you are giving us your full consent to contact you by phone and/or email for appointment scheduling and billing purposes, to collect additional information necessary for your care, or for us to provide you with any health results or information obtained from your visits with us. Your personal and health information remains strictly confidential, and may only be shared with outside parties such as insurance companies or other healthcare providers for the sole purpose of providing you with our services or to fulfill your billing obligations. 

Each time you visit with us or one of our providers, a record of your visit may be made which may include any inquiries you made, your current health condition and/or concerns, or any medical related information we believe is necessary for our records. 

We do NOT issue, provide, or sell your information to any affiliates or any party for soliciting or marketing purposes. Only with your written authorization may we use or disclose your protected health information for research or marketing purposes. 

As required by law, we may disclose your information as minimally necessary to remain compliant at the request of any law enforcing agency.

As permitted by law, we may use or disclose health information for the following types of entities, including but not limited to: FDA, Public Health authorities responsible for preventing or controlling disease or injury, Correctional Institutions, Workers compensation agents, Funeral directors and coroners, National Security and intelligence agencies. 

We are required by law to maintain the privacy of your health information, provide you with this notice of our privacy policy, and to notify you following any breach of unsecured protected health information. At any time, we maintain full discretion to amend or update this privacy policy as necessary and without notice. Please direct all inquiries or issues with our privacy policy to our Director by calling (816) 214-8789, attention Daniel Toy.