As a Chinese medicine clinic and pharmacy, our mission is to provide our patients with all natural healthcare as a primary, complementary, or preventative form of medicine.

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Photo credit: Jennifer Kung

Our clinic, pharmacy, and treatment rooms!


In 2010, Dr. Jennifer Kung established a small, single room clinic in the heart of Kansas City's Waldo community. Her only objective was to bring her knowledge and training in traditional and classical Chinese medicine to a city that had little exposure or awareness of true Eastern medicine. However, in just a few short years she realized that her personable attitude combined with the experience she had acquired during clinical rotations in California and China helped put her in greater demand than she had anticipated. Additionally, her special background in formulating classical herbal prescriptions made her service even more valuable to patients. Limited to just a single treatment room and very little space to compound herbs, Dr. Kung felt compelled to make a change from her small office environment so that she could more easily accommodate patients seeking her help. In early 2014, Elements Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, LLC established plans to open a Chinese medicine clinic complete with multiple treatment rooms and an on-site pharmacy.

Our Story

Elements Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine, LLC (EACM) is a health clinic and herbal pharmacy based on the practice of Chinese medicine. Our mission here is simple - to provide all natural healthcare as a primary, complementary, or preventative form of medicine. Helping patients find better health is our goal! We offer various treatment solutions to target everything from the common cold to rare and debilitating pain or disease. The passion we have for helping people is the absolute cornerstone of our practice. Plus, we also enjoy what we do, which is why you'll always find our office to be warm and inviting. We choose to be a low volume clinic so that we can afford to dedicate the highest level of service and care possible to each patient we see. You'll find that our friendly, nurturing atmosphere really sets us apart! As our practice continues to grow and innovate, we promise to carry forward the same mission, beliefs, and principles that made us who we are today. 

Natural healing. Compassionate care.